Okinice Meyer On Tuesday, November 10, 2015

After I visited LFM, I got bad traffic on the way back to Bandung, As usual, there is always a story not only in my travel experience but even in every path of my life. Haha. So, that traffic situation made my friend who drove our car felt tired. So, we decided to have one night stay at one of the hotels along the roadside of Lembang and it meant that was so sudden!

We tried to call every hotel that we passed by during our way back to Bandung (fyi, I am Jakartan, and to reach Lembang, we have to go to Bandung first and also the vice versa). Almost all the hotels were full until we finally found a simple hotel there!

Another story is about the hotel itself which was that was my first time experienced the "most luxurious" hotel breakfast in my life. :)) But however, the bread was so yummy. I mean really! :)
Breakfast from Hotel
In the next day, I visited Kampung Daun. That was a restaurant with very unique view which was surrounded by a lot of trees and plants.

That's why the name is Kampung Daun which means The Village of Leaves. The view was very nice, the weather was so fresh and the food was so good.

Actually we arrived too early. Kampung Daun opens from 11.00 am. So when we arrived, their employees still clean up the place. And the funny thing was their floor material was from stone and everybody will defenetely step on the floor with so much dust, but they cleaned it so carefully
with water and floor soap.

After from Kampung Daun, we were back to Bandung so we can went home to Jakarta. In Bandung, we bought some snacks as our gift and then back to Jakarta.

That was so much fun in Lembang. I think this would be my last trip in 2015. See you in 2016!

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