Okinice Meyer On Monday, July 20, 2015

Still in the first day in Malang, we spent our evening at Batu Night Spectacular (BNS). BNS is just like night market festival. There are playgrounds, games, shopping center and food court. At the time we visited BNS, there were also Lantern Festival, and that was so beautiful. We captured so many big and colorful lantern as you can see on the photo below.
My friend in front of the gate of the Lantern Festival

I feel really grateful to be in Malang and Batu. Besides visiting the recreation place, I also have a friend who live in Malang. So, I called her and we met in the second day we were there. She accompanied us to going around the city by car and took us to some favorite restaurant in the city. 

Flower Carnival
What a blessed trip! In the last day of my trip in Malang, there were Flower Carnival event, and that was the first time held in Malang! We didn't know about the event at all. It was really coincidental that we were there when the carnival was held. Really thank God for this 'bonus', so I have an additional story to tell. This Flower Carnival is really fun. The carnival participant wore very unique flowers costume as you can see on the photo above.

After reading all my Malang - Batu Trip article, are you willing to go there? ;)

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