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Indonesia is really a country with the largest island in the world, because even in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, also has island. The island is in Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands) regency. It consists of a string of around 110 islands.

Pulau Tidung
The first island of Kepulauan Seribu that I visited is Pulau Tidung (Tidung Island) in October 2012. I went there with my office-mate as our outing activity. We departed from Muara Angke in North Jakarta by timber ship. Around 2 hours on the way, then we arrived at Tidung Island.

Jembatan Cinta at Pulau Tidung
The Corals
I can't swim, but everytime I go to the sea, I will try any kind of water sport that provided. I do that because I think it's too bad if I go to the sea and don't experience something new and fun. I played banana boat on my vacation at Anyer beach during my high school farewell outing, and I did snorkeling during my outing at Pulau Tidung. Honestly I was freaking out when I should jump to the sea from the ship to start snorkeling but finally I did it, and it was sooo fun!

My Friend Held My Hands when I was Snorkeling
My Friends and Other Tidung Visitors were Snorkeling
After snorkeling, we traveled the beach by bike. We passed through the coastal forest to the seaside at the side where we can see sunset. And, this was so amazing, not because the beauty of the sunset, but the energy that I had to pull out when riding the bike on the sands! Haha. Even some of my friends fell down from their bikes. And also, don't imagine that the bike is sport/mountain bike. The bike is only traditional bike (with the basket in front of the bike) and the bike condition was not in very good maintainance. That's why we needed more power when riding it. What an experience!

The Seaside after the Coastal Forest
In the evening, we enjoyed bonfire, BBQ and we played games.

This kind of instant vacation is a very good choice for weekend gateaway for Jakartans. So, the entertaiment selection in Jakarta is not only always about mall, cafe and restaurant, right?

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