Okinice Meyer On Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In the second day during my trip in Borobudur and Yogyakarta, I spent the whole day by going around Yogyakarta city. While I have had a very exciting experience in the first day of the trip, but in the second day I only did mainstream touring activity in Yogyakarta. In the morning until afternoon I went to Keraton museum, then I went to some batik and souvenir shops to buy something to be brought to Jakarta. I tour the city by becak and on foot.
Yogyakarta City
Monumen Serangan Umum 1 Maret as the icon of Yogyakarta
Keraton Museum
Abdi Dalem in Keraton Museum
Fyi, Abdi Dalem is just like courtier.

Souvenir Shop
In the evening, I spent my time going to the iconic road of Yogyakarta where so many young people and foreigner love to be (and even stay) there, it is Malioboro road. That road is also near from my hotel.
Malioboro Road
So far, I love Yogyakarta because I can feel the strong atmosphere of Javanese culture and the spirit of regionalism in a city, that I obviously can not get it in Jakarta (or maybe in another big city in Java provence? Well, we'll see). But, it was just a little too bad that I didn't visit some other iconic place and didn't do so many culinary tour at that time. Hopefully someday I could do it if I go there again.

Amanjiwo Luxury Hotel & Resort
This trip story hasn't finished yet. Let's go to the part 3 to know my story when I and my friend were invited by Amanjiwo Luxury Hotel & Resort to have one night stay in their amazing hotel.

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