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Yeay, I am blogging again! But this is not my first blog. My first blog is okinice.wordpress.com. This is my other blog and here I would like to share my travel story. I know there are so much people who are feasible to share their travel experience as they have visited so many places. I mean, I actually haven't visited to many places. But the reason why I want to blog my travel experience because I found there's always special/unique story during my trip, and of course because I love sharing. =)

Well, for the first post, I would like to share my travel story in 2012 when I visited Borobudur temple and Yogyakarta. I didn't know the exact reason why my friend and I choosing Yogyakarta as our travel destination at that time. The point is we really wanted to travel somewhere at that time and Yogyakarta-Borobudur is our choice and we chose to go on 6-9 May because there was Vesak day within that days, so we could join the Vesak celebration in Borobudur.
The Stupa
The Monk
The Monks were Praying
The Buddhist Visitors were Praying
This was really amazing experience! In a whole day, I didn't only go around the temple and took the picture, but also, because of that was at the same time with Vesak day, so there was a special event to celebrate it and you can feel very spiritual atmosphere. There were so many monks, and of course sooo many visitors. And even I met two of my friends there! :)) Whereas it is so far away from Jakarta, I still can meet the people who I know there.
Letting The Lanterns Fly to the Sky
The Flying Lanterns Session
And this is it! The top of the event! At night, after all the event session and ritual had done, the last thing they did was letting these flying lanterns to fly. But not only the monks who did it! Every visitor also can do it, but we had to buy the lantern first. The purpose of this ritual is you can make a wish first before let the lantern fly away, and hopefully your wish will come true.

When all the lantern went up to the sky, oh my God, that was so beautifuuul. Even I heard a woman beside me said; "this is so worth it!". Yes I agree with her. This was so worth it.

Anyway, did you remember the issue about the tourists and photographers who claimed as unetchical as they were 'annoying' during taking picuture of the celebration and shouting when the celebration was not complete because there was no the flying lantern due to the bad weather? Yes, that had ever happened but in year 2013, not 2012! So I was so grateful because I had the opportunity to see the flying lantern and there was no bad issue during that year.

Amanjiwo Luxury Hotel & Resort
This story hasn't finished yet. In the next days, I did my trip in Yogyakarta and... I got a privilege to stay in a very luxurious hotel & resort in Magelang (near from Borobodur), Amanjiwo! ;)

See you in the part 2 and part 3!

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