After I visited LFM, I got bad traffic on the way back to Bandung, As usual, there is always a story not only in my travel experience but even in every path of my life. Haha. So, that traffic situation made my friend who drove our car felt tired. So, we decided to have one night stay at one of the hotels along the roadside of Lembang and it meant that was so sudden!

We tried to call every hotel that we passed by during our way back to Bandung (fyi, I am Jakartan, and to reach Lembang, we have to go to Bandung first and also the vice versa). Almost all the hotels were full until we finally found a simple hotel there!

Another story is about the hotel itself which was that was my first time experienced the "most luxurious" hotel breakfast in my life. :)) But however, the bread was so yummy. I mean really! :)
Breakfast from Hotel
In the next day, I visited Kampung Daun. That was a restaurant with very unique view which was surrounded by a lot of trees and plants.

That's why the name is Kampung Daun which means The Village of Leaves. The view was very nice, the weather was so fresh and the food was so good.

Actually we arrived too early. Kampung Daun opens from 11.00 am. So when we arrived, their employees still clean up the place. And the funny thing was their floor material was from stone and everybody will defenetely step on the floor with so much dust, but they cleaned it so carefully
with water and floor soap.

After from Kampung Daun, we were back to Bandung so we can went home to Jakarta. In Bandung, we bought some snacks as our gift and then back to Jakarta.

That was so much fun in Lembang. I think this would be my last trip in 2015. See you in 2016!
Yeay! Today I share my story during my trip to Lembang on 16-17 August 2015. Actually I have ever visited Lembang for several times. Yet, just now I had a chance to share a story about this fresh peak in Bandung area.

In the first day, I visited a famous recreational place in Lembang which is Lembang Floating Market. According to its name, there is floating market at LFM. The view was nice and looked so fresh as you can see on the photo below. LFM was so crowded at that time.

Parody Chocolate at LFM Souvenir Store
See the picture above. Those are various chocolates that you can find at LFM souvenir store. I decided to take a picture of it and bought one of them because the chocolate label is so funny. It was taken from a parody of one of celebrity issues in Indonesia.

This story hasn't done yet. Let's continue to Lembang Trip (Part 2)!

This year, I surely need a vacation as I've been through a tough year last year. So, the nearest and fastest getaway option that I can choose is going to Kepulauan Seribu, exactly at Pulau Pari.
Pulau Pari
There is an interesting story behind this short getaway. For me, this is a surprising getaway, because; the first reason is this trip suddenly happened without plan. In the beginning of April, I just randomly asked my friend; what if we go to Pulau, and surprisingly we made it in the same month we discuss it. The second reason is in the beginning we talked about this getaway, I invited 3 people. Another surprise was from those 3 people, it bloomed into 15 people. It happened because those 2 of 3 people invited their friends, and their friends invited their friends (so it's like friends after friends after friends). I thought they are so easy going because they easly can join this sudden trip.
I can't swim but everytime I go to sea, I try to always try any water sport/game that provided, such as banana boat at Pantai Anyer, snorkeling at Pulau Tidung and I did it again at Pulau Pari. I know we will be floating by wearing life vest, but I can't balance my body on the water, so there will be a person who hold me during snorkeling. 

See the dark cloud on this photo? Yes, this became my first time experience getting rainfall while I was at the sea. ;) Fortunately, the rain fell after we already did snorkeling, during our way back to homestay. So, the rain fell while we were still in the canoe and on the sea. Just like The Notebook movie. Isn't it so romantic? But, the difference is this happened towards 17 people in the canoe. :))

Waiting for sunrise
Pantai Perawan inside Pulau Pari
Knowing about ecology in Lembaga Oceanografi LIPI inside Pulau Pari
Same as Pulau Tidung, Pulau Pari now is already crowded. There are a lot of visitors. But, it's still okay if you (Jakartans) would like to try to visit Pari just for short (or sudden) getaway.

According to its name, there are still a lot of islands in Kepulauan Seribu that we can visit. Even there are some luxury private islands. Hopefully someday I can visit them one by one. :) Waiting for your feedback regarding this island! What island in Kepulauan Seribu have you visited?
I rent a car to take us touring in Malang city during my trip overthere in 2013. I choose Eagle Rent Car and I felt satisfy with the service. The driver was so soft spoken and helpful. Their website also looks so professional;

The rent cost already included the fuel and driver fee. I rent it only for two days, because in the third day, I met my friend who took us touring the city.